It is a bowel control problems which causes the accidental
Passing of solid or liquid stool or mucus from the anus
Fecal Incontinence includes:
Not being able to hold or control a bowel movement before reaching a
Restroom Solid or liquid waste that is passed into one’s undergarments with or without being aware of it happening
Possible Causes
IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Nerve Damage, Muscle Damage, and Childbirth.  
Odor caused by stool or discharge soiling the undergarments.
Discomfort and Pain
Contact between skin around anus and stool can cause discomfort, pain or itching. In some cases, can cause further medical complications.
Emotional Stress
Fecal InconEnence can affect many aspects of peoples’ lives.
This includes ones personal, social and profe sional life.
Often people feel ashamed and embarrassed, thus changing  their normal